With Special Consideration for Children

With Special Consideratio…

This statement reflects my commitment to handling divorces in ways which give active consideration to the impact upon children, as decisions are made.

Virtually all social scientists, all psychologists, all psychiatrists, and all counselors agree that loving, caring parents are the largest single determinant of a child’s mental and emotional health later in life. The lack of parental love and caring is the largest determinant of maladjustment, and relationship dysfunction later in life for a child.

The divorcing process presents particular risks for children, because the process often brings conflict, confusion, anguish or violence into their lives. Often divorcing parents make decisions, and take actions, which are primarily referenced to their legal circumstances, or to their own psychological needs.

Moreover, some of the most important lessons we learn from our parents have to do with how we think about the relationship between men and women. How parents interact with each other — and whether they do so respectfully or abusively — can have a lifetime effect on their children. Learn more about how you are always teaching your child as you interact with the other parent.

I make sure that children are given special consideration as decisions are made in a divorce. When the other side is using the child or the children as weapons in some kind of war with my client, we go to court and put a stop to it.

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