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As an attorney for over 45 years, I offer experienced guidance and representation to men and women facing divorce in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area. I could be reasonably described as a litigator, as I have participated in trials for virtually my entire career. I try very hard to settle cases, but when settlement is not possible, I am quite prepared to go to court with my client. My clients know they can go to trial if need be, and they can rest assured that I am skilled at handling high conflict divorce involving angry or violent personalities: I do not let my clients be bullied in the courtroom, and I can even show you how to modify the behavior of your bullying soon-to-be ex going forward.

I should also add that I have a very broad life experience this past half century: I understand how some things really work and how some things don't. I can see a good ways down the road ahead, and I am quite good at guiding my clients toward a successful solution which respects and protects essential family values, and takes care of children. Learn more here about my central commitment to handling divorce With Special Consideration for Children. Potential clients interested in my services may call me at (734) 761-1166 for a free telephone consultation about their situations and legal needs.